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Not working out.

July 13, 2007

So yeah, this place just isn’t doing it for me. I feel like I left my home behind and I don’t know why. So it’s back to blogger for me.

If anyone stumbles upon this place, please head on over to


Learning to use wordpress

July 13, 2007

So I have a few questions to pose, about how to best use WordPress. I had grown accustomed to blogger and had set up a fairly nice little site, but I kept hearing rumblings that WordPress was a better service. Figuring I wanted to start fresh anyways I came over here and set myself up. While I like little things such as being able to use a custom picture for my header, I miss being able to use java and html code on the main page. Back on blogger I had my XBox Live tag set up, along with a mini Xfire profile. Is there anyway to do this on WordPress? Am I just missing a widget, or not doing something right?




July 12, 2007

So it looks like I was able to import all of my previous posts from my blogger. Some of them are pretty alright. Just don’t be to harsh of a judge, I was (and am still) starting out.. 😉


First new update.

July 12, 2007

Well I managed to get into the Splitpaw content finally. My problem seemed to be that when I went to examine the gem from the access quest, I was always outside of the quest dungeon itself (in fact both times were in front of the upper tunnels, the next part of the content) and that is what caused it to disappear and the quest to not advance. After running through the access quest for a third time, it finally advanced once I examined the gem while I was still inside. It didn’t do me much good needless to say, I spent a good hour and a half trying to get down to the central hub of the den, and once there I was only able to finish one of the solo quests (and only because I made liberal use of my invisibility and feign death.) I walked away with a bruised ego, and realized my character needs LOTS of work..

On the plus side, I joined a guild! Ancient Prophecy is my new found home, and everyone I’ve talked to so far seems very friendly. It made all the difference just having people to talk to while I wandered around trying to find stuff to do. Jerrek made level 28 tonight, so I feel like I have accomplished something in the very least.

Right now I am going to try and work on the layout of the blog…



Fresh Start

July 11, 2007

Now that I am closing in on my one year mark with my old blog, and never once having any visitors, I have decided to start fresh. After hearing Cuppy mention her ‘SO YOU WANT TO BE A BLOGGER?’ article on the Shut Up We’re Talking podcast (which is wonderful btw) I decided I need to make an effort to get those views. I figured a new blog, plus some work on my part commenting on other people’s blogs instead of my standard lurking, should go a long way towards getting some attention to myself, and my opinions on the games I am currently playing.

So with out further ado, I give you my new home. Now I am off to play something so I actually have something to talk about!

– Jerrek



July 10, 2007

Oh Sergeant Quackers, how you amuse me..

Anyways, quick update. Jerrek is level 27 now, on top of logging back in and NOT being in the jail cell area (I had logged out after being ‘abducted’) I had come to the knowledge that it was not in fact a part of the Splitpaw Saga content at all. Never the less I ended up buying it, and have run through the access quest twice, but each time I do the new crystal I receive just disappears instead of creating a new one with the old one. This means I cannot enter the upper tunnels, thus I cannot access the content I just paid $8 for. I’ve petitioned Sony, and instead of an in game petition it seems I have some online form thing I had to fill out and they will email me with a response. How this will all work itself out in this fashion I don’t know. I just hope it does..

In other news I did not start playing Gun yet, but that is what I am literally going to sit down and do, RIGHT NOW. Seriously! Quickly though I want to mention a new toy I received yesterday. I’ve talked about in the passed how much I listen to podcasts, and take my Ipod with me everywhere. While having my headphones in helped me focus on what was being talked about, it literally blocked out everything else, including the world around me. To combat this problem I picked up an iHome 2go. This, I believe, is from the same people who release those expensive iHome speaker systems. Well this little guy was only $50, and it packs quite an audio punch. What is even better about it is that the iPod itself is tucked safely inside of the unit, which happens to be a water repellent casing, although it has openings, so don’t plan on it surviving a dunk in the pool. All of the volume, pause, forward back and on and off buttons are on the front of the case, and a handy little hold option is just a flip away on the top under a Velcro pad that also gives you access to a headphones jack, the DC power jack (which also charges your iPod when it is plugged in) and a line in jack for other MP3 players that don’t use the iPod plug. It runs on four AA batteries, and when they are dead it really lets you know because the audio just goes to hell. Thankfully I only found that out after using uncharged rechargeable batteries. Nice little product, I haven’t had much of a chance to use it outside of my desk yet, but I’ll let you know how it works out in other areas later.

Off to some Gun!


Easy does it.

July 8, 2007

Sorry (who am I really apologizing to, honestly?) for the gap in posting, but there has been much chaos in the house lately. My new computer arrived and after fudging around with Vista for a few days I have finally gotten most everything to run. Everquest 2 gave me the most problems, but I wont bother going into them now since I have it running fairly smoothly, except for the “ran out of memory” crash that happens every now and then, I am taking it with a grain of salt; at least I can LOG IN.

Enough of that though, I’ll have an update on EQ2 coming shortly. On to other topics, I highly recommend checking out I Buy Power ( ) if you plan on buying a new computer any time soon. It is more or less the same as if you buy each of the components separately and built it yourself, except they do the building and testing for you. This insures that the components work. The only problems I have ran into is having to reinstall the sound card drivers to be compatible with the 5.1 speakers that I ordered with the computer, and the fact that the usb ports on the case itself don’t seem to be working. I really don’t want to worry about that though, and am otherwise VERY happy with the purchase. Along with a new 19′ widescreen LG lcd monitor, my gaming looks and runs better than ever.

Besides fooling around with my new computer I managed to pick up some more xbox 360 games do to the Circuit City clearance sale going on right now, which I found out about at Cheap Ass Gamer ( ) Cheapy D runs a great site that posts the most up to date sales and best deals on video games, electronics, and other forms of media. He also runs an excellent podcast that I believe I have mentioned before. Anyways back to the sale, I picked up Gun for $16.96 plus tax (which I am about to start playing) along with having Condemned’s price changed to fit the sale (which I bought in June). With the money I received back on Condemned I also picked up Quake 4 since it to was on clearance. For a full list of the games on sale check out the video game deals forum at Cheapassgamer, but be warned, your Circuit City may have already been picked clean. Quake 4 has me especially excited, mainly because it comes packaged with Quake 2 on a bonus disc. Back in the days of my youth, I wasted many hours with friends playing Quake 2 multi player, and while the options are extremely limited on the disc, I am sure playing the single player will bring back some fond memories.

Speaking of Condemned, I managed to beat it last night, and make it through to the end without wetting myself. I still stand by my earlier impression that it is the scariest game I have ever played, and it continued to be all the way until the end. I can safely say that it’s sequel is my most anticipated game right now, and I cannot wait for it! I’m going to save my heart the trouble and set it aside for right now, and start Gun, but some time soon I’ll head back and play through it again to unlock all of the achievements.

Everquest 2 post coming soon, maybe tomorrow. I’m off to crack open some Gun!