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May 24, 2007

So I did resubscribe to WoW last night, and immediately wondered to myself what I should be doing now. I had to drag out my old Horde leveling guide and look up where I should be. So once I figured out what quests needed to be done I headed off to the Searing Gorge and immediately hit level 53. I guess with a full amount of rest that was bound to happen quickly. I really want to get out of this area, but mostly just want to rush to 60 so I can actually ENJOY the Burning Crusade content that I have yet had a chacne to experience. I also got around to contacting my old guild and hopefully I’ll be getting back in.

It looks like ass on my laptop, but it’s better than nothing, and it runs fairly smoothly as long as I don’t have a whole lot going on in the background. I should have plently of time to play it on my desktop at home this weekend and enjoy it in all of it’s glory.

My Guild Wars trial is not yet over (probably tonight or tomorrow) and while I do enjoy the game, and want to play it, I don’t think it’s very smart to buy it right now when I just resubscribed to WoW.. I feel bad too because I was really starting to enjoy it, but I don’t want to stretch myself thin with two big time sinking games.

While I am on the topic of what games I have been playing I should mention my 360, which has gotten no attention lately. I feel guilty, especially when I have my new TV, so I’ve been playing Uno the last couple of days. Great game, especially with the cammera, but the people on there. Oy.

Ah well, back to Astronomy I guess..


Week two.

May 21, 2007

So here I am, the beginning of week two of five. Easy day today I think, only the one class; Math. Luckily for me I did my homework last night, that is due tomorrow. I still have some work to do for my Astronomy class tomorrow night, but that can wait.

I still have some time left on my Guild Wars trial that I need to burn off today. As certain as I was after that ‘mission’ in game I am starting to have second thoughts about getting it. Not because it isn’t a fun game, but because that WoW itch is really kicking in, and I reinstalled the game and patched it all up on both my laptop and desktop. All that is left is to resubscribe and I’d be back in, working on my Hunter..

Theoretically I could have both games, due to the fact that GW does not have a monthly fee, but I don’t know if I want to stretch my time in between them so thin. I still have Diablo 2 which I haven’t even touched lately. Added to the fact I really need to be concentrating on school most of all.

After class I am going to decide what to do, I’ll eat lunch, play some Guild Wars, and then head out ot the store. I’ll either come back with a copy of GW, a WoW time card, or both! (Plus other minor things I actually need to go buy, which is the reason for the trip in the first place).


So that does it.

May 20, 2007

I am hooked on Guild Wars. I have been tinkering around with the trial Gamerman98 gave me, but until now never really felt like I was being drawn into the game. I made a Necro and fooled around with him a bit, thought I’d check out Factions and made a Ritualist. While neither of these classes really fit my playing style, it gave me an idea of how the game works.

What won me over though was the very first ‘mission’ type quest that I went on. I wasn’t expecting this, it actually had a feeling that “THIS is what I have been wanting to do” the other minor quests and running around whatnot just didn’t do it, but this mission did. It felt like what I’d experience in an dungeon/instance in another MMO, but it also had those nice cut scene touches.
Needless to say I plan on picking up my copy of Guild Wars tomorrow, and hopefully find the class I want to play.

In the picture below you can see a screen of the following situation: One of the Funniest parts happened after killing that last boss, he had spawned an undead pet, that proceeded to keep whacking my Teacher guy in the back as he talked to that little boy, and my summoned Spirit kept shooting the undead pet. So here I am trying not to laugh my ass off and pay attention to the cutscene while this Epic battle is taking place!

I’m kind of in a bind because I also started getting that urge to play WoW again. The plus side is once I pick up GW, I wont have to pay a subscription fee, and I can drop in and out whenever I’d like. I still have to decide if I want to go back to WoW, and if it is worth paying for having to play on my laptop for the next four weeks.


$20 Credit

May 18, 2007

That’s what I received for Crackdown today at the Gamestop close to Campus. Honestly while that is not much, and it’s only a third of the price I paid, it IS more than I had expected to receive for the game. Especially with the way that company does it’s business. So I can’t complain, I have $20 in credit and one less game that I more than likely would have never played again.

Now what to do with the credit… Hmmmm..


One down, four to go..

May 18, 2007

So my first of five weeks of summer classes is over. It feels like it went by quickly now that it’s done, but I did have some agonizing points in between, especially that first four hours of Astronomy…

Anyways, I am heading home for the weekend, back to the new house and my desktop PC! I’m going to have to edit some videos I took over the Summit trip, and put those up on YouTube. I’ve already had one of the guys asking where they were haha.

The most important thing today though is that I need to get drunk. Really drunk. Very much drunk. It’s been a frustrating week, and I need to relax! I’m going to try out some Guild Wars on my desktop, and see if it is any more enjoyable on there, and then decide where I want to go from there. My itch to return to WoW is starting to come back, as much as I don’t want to pay per month again. I never really did get to try out the Burning Crusade content do to rerolling a new Blood Elf. The good thing is he is level 52, and will have full rest so I should be able to grind him out to 60 with no problem at all. Maybe I’d even give my 60 warrior a shot again too.

I did finally get the Halo 3 beta to work, and I played one lone game. While I enjoyed it quite a bit, finishing in the mid ranks with a sad 9 kills, I don’t have the urge to play the beta anymore. I just want to wait for the full retail game and enjoy that. Besides, if I hope to get any sort of credit for getting rid of Crackdown I better try and trade it in soon, which is what I plan to do in a matter of minutes.

That’s all for now, hopefully more to come later!


The Most Agonizing Experience Imaginable

May 18, 2007

So here’s a post I made on AFC, basically summarizing how I feel about my Astronomy class..

Being stuck in a four hour class, from 5:30 to 9:30 with a senile old professor. Did I mention that the class was astronomy? I’d like to add that he uses different round objects as representations of the planets, a white ball for Venus, a giant black, purple, green, and blue beach ball for Jupiter, obviously a globe for Earth, a blue orb for Mars, a white foam ball larger than the blue Mars orb for the Moon (that falls apart and makes a mess on his desk) and the smallest ball, is obviously the sun because it is yellow. The other planets are mysteriously missing.

The best part of all? They are constantly rolling off the desk at all angles, and he bends over, and grunts (over the microphone) much to our amusement.

I hate my life right now. Please save me ACF?”

Ah yes, now he has a cork tied to a shoelace, spinning it around talking about ‘The Orbit’.

And there goes the sun.

Seriously, this has to be some sort of joke, someone is video taping this for a television show.

That’s the only explanation.”

*sigh* Click on the link for comments from others! They are quite humorous.


I’m IN

May 15, 2007

Thanks to Gamerman98 that I met on the Guild Wars Forums, I now have a 10 hour trial for Guild wars! I’ve barely wet my toes in the game so far, but I am enjoying what I have experienced quite a bit. My new friend and I did a few quests, and I died a few times, but I guess that’s just par for a new game haha. There are lots of things that this game does that I like already, especially being able to watch others if you are dead or whatever, and being a spectator for the PVP battlegrounds. Here are a few screens I took of my new Necromancer, Joridel Nox. I have a few more in my xfire screenshot portfolio if you are interested.

The one with the little girl made me feel fairly awkward, she asked to follow me around, and then I gave her a flower. Almost immediately she got down on her knees and I had to convince myself that I was NOT a pedophile lol.

I’m throwing up a link to MMORPG for anyone who has never been there yet, very friendly forums!

More later, have to get ready for my first four hour class.. *sigh*