First new update.

July 12, 2007

Well I managed to get into the Splitpaw content finally. My problem seemed to be that when I went to examine the gem from the access quest, I was always outside of the quest dungeon itself (in fact both times were in front of the upper tunnels, the next part of the content) and that is what caused it to disappear and the quest to not advance. After running through the access quest for a third time, it finally advanced once I examined the gem while I was still inside. It didn’t do me much good needless to say, I spent a good hour and a half trying to get down to the central hub of the den, and once there I was only able to finish one of the solo quests (and only because I made liberal use of my invisibility and feign death.) I walked away with a bruised ego, and realized my character needs LOTS of work..

On the plus side, I joined a guild! Ancient Prophecy is my new found home, and everyone I’ve talked to so far seems very friendly. It made all the difference just having people to talk to while I wandered around trying to find stuff to do. Jerrek made level 28 tonight, so I feel like I have accomplished something in the very least.

Right now I am going to try and work on the layout of the blog…



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