I am a terrible blogger.

July 9, 2007

Always putting it off until later.

Well here is the next installment of my continuing Everquest 2 update. Joridel is nearing level 18, but I’ve set him aside for the moment. While I enjoy the Greater Faydark zone, I am at a loss as what to do next besides kill orcs outside of Crushbone and do the few quests there I have left. I have tried looking into the other zones but they all seem to high. I think I missed Lesser Fay, maybe that is the ticket.

Until I get back on Joridel though, I have unpacked Jerrek, my now level 26 Iksar Monk. I’ve been tinkering around with him, trying to relearn all of the Monk play mechanics and his abilities, and also figure out the area that I had at one time memorized. Looking through his extensive quest log, I had no idea where to begin, nor where any of the items/mobs/places were to begin with. I decided to concentrate on some Writ quests (because Jerrek had almost no status), and also the level 20ish armor quests. I am on part three now and stumped as to where to look, maybe the internets can help. I was also shocked to see that he had only one achievement point, and then came to realize that back then you had to be level 20 to start gaining achievement exp. *sigh*

One interesting point I had while playing Jerrek was ending up in the Kingdom of Sky starting area. Looking off the cliff at the floating islands was just amazing!

Right now Jerrek is sitting in a Gnoll jail cell after stumbling into a Gnoll Abductor. Imagine my surprise when he hits me and the loading screen pops up. I thought the mechanic was really interesting, and then it clicked that this might be part of the Splitpaw adventure pack. So right now I am going to look that up, and if it is I plan on buying that sucker, so I at least have some sort of straight forward way to level while I relearn all of Jerrek’s surroundings.

More to come!


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