Everquest 2 – First update

June 27, 2007

It has taken me long enough but I have just now sat down to make my first update. I am now eight hours into my new character, a Half Elf Warden named Joridel, who is half way through level 13, and have just received my first achievement point. Of course being a druid type priest class I sunk my first point into shape shifting and spent a good chunk of time running around as a tiger, very fun!

Starting out in the new Kelethin area has been an interesting change of pace after leveling so many characters in that tired and boring starter island. I like the mushroom people that you run into shortly after beginning your adventure, and wonder if they are new or if I just never got to them when I originally played. After creating my new character I spent some time fiddling with the options and now have the settings optimal for this computer. It looks nice and runs fairly well, but needless to say I can’t wait until my new rig arrives so I can push the game to the max.
I have set up both appearances (Original and Soga models) for my character but I’m not really sure which I prefer. I’ll throw up some screen shots of what each look like.

One addition to the game that I was not expecting to run into in Faydark was the ability to climb. I know this was introduced in the first expansion, Desert of Flames, but I never had a character high level enough to make it out to that content and experience it. So imagine my surprise after being frustrated for 15 minutes trying to figure out how to get to a quest NPC up on a part of a tree, and I suddenly start climbing up the tree when I got to close! Now I have taken advantage of every climbable source I can find, and I have to say I have also fallen to my death many many times. Maybe I should have rolled a Fae. (…Nahh..)

That’s it for the first update, more to come soon. Maybe I will even take Jerrek out of retirement!


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