Almost there

June 3, 2007

One more level and I can head into the Outlands, yes that is correct folks, I made 57 last night, and instead of just logging off and picking it up later I kept on trucking. I ended up finishing Linken’s quest, and got his cool looking sword and Boomerang, but it also (with some other quests) netted me enough exp to be about a third of the way through the level. As one of the pictures show, I had to escort a night elf chick out of a dungeon, the problem was I had to escort her naked ass back DOWN the dungeon that I had previously cleared in order to get her equipment, so we could then make our way out of the place. *sigh* of course there were tons of respawns, and at the end I had to fight an elite I was not prepared for, but we won anyways. Escort quests are just a pain, move to slow when you want to speed up, and to fast when you want to slow down!

The aerial shot was just one I thought looked cool in game, flying past the giant wooden treants in Felwood. The screenshot doesn’t look as nice as it did in motion, sadly. Oh well, another update coming soon, once I make it through the dark portal (should be today!)


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