Hold on now

June 1, 2007

So it’s been a few days since I have posted last, but not much has changed. Still playing WoW when I can, Jerrek is level 56 now, pretty much out of rest exp. Didn’t play at all yesterday though so I might have some there. Heading home for the weekend, seeing the girlfriend for the first time in over a month, due to her being in Florida with family. Really excited about that, it’s hard to go so long without seeing someone, after basically living with them every day for a year.

Going to throw up some Screenies for you, to show off my (crappy) new equipment, and a cool looking cat I wish I could tame. Did a quest in Felwood where I had to mutate this kitten, which turned it into this giant green with orange stripes tiger that I was dieing to have as a pet. No such luck. I did get a nice Screenshot though, for the memories! My old guild Rotten Luck took me back under their wing, so it’s nice to have people to talk to. All of my old friends are gone now though, or atleast they haven’t been on any familiar characters since I’ve been back.


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