So that does it.

May 20, 2007

I am hooked on Guild Wars. I have been tinkering around with the trial Gamerman98 gave me, but until now never really felt like I was being drawn into the game. I made a Necro and fooled around with him a bit, thought I’d check out Factions and made a Ritualist. While neither of these classes really fit my playing style, it gave me an idea of how the game works.

What won me over though was the very first ‘mission’ type quest that I went on. I wasn’t expecting this, it actually had a feeling that “THIS is what I have been wanting to do” the other minor quests and running around whatnot just didn’t do it, but this mission did. It felt like what I’d experience in an dungeon/instance in another MMO, but it also had those nice cut scene touches.
Needless to say I plan on picking up my copy of Guild Wars tomorrow, and hopefully find the class I want to play.

In the picture below you can see a screen of the following situation: One of the Funniest parts happened after killing that last boss, he had spawned an undead pet, that proceeded to keep whacking my Teacher guy in the back as he talked to that little boy, and my summoned Spirit kept shooting the undead pet. So here I am trying not to laugh my ass off and pay attention to the cutscene while this Epic battle is taking place!

I’m kind of in a bind because I also started getting that urge to play WoW again. The plus side is once I pick up GW, I wont have to pay a subscription fee, and I can drop in and out whenever I’d like. I still have to decide if I want to go back to WoW, and if it is worth paying for having to play on my laptop for the next four weeks.


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