The Most Agonizing Experience Imaginable

May 18, 2007

So here’s a post I made on AFC, basically summarizing how I feel about my Astronomy class..

Being stuck in a four hour class, from 5:30 to 9:30 with a senile old professor. Did I mention that the class was astronomy? I’d like to add that he uses different round objects as representations of the planets, a white ball for Venus, a giant black, purple, green, and blue beach ball for Jupiter, obviously a globe for Earth, a blue orb for Mars, a white foam ball larger than the blue Mars orb for the Moon (that falls apart and makes a mess on his desk) and the smallest ball, is obviously the sun because it is yellow. The other planets are mysteriously missing.

The best part of all? They are constantly rolling off the desk at all angles, and he bends over, and grunts (over the microphone) much to our amusement.

I hate my life right now. Please save me ACF?”

Ah yes, now he has a cork tied to a shoelace, spinning it around talking about ‘The Orbit’.

And there goes the sun.

Seriously, this has to be some sort of joke, someone is video taping this for a television show.

That’s the only explanation.”

*sigh* Click on the link for comments from others! They are quite humorous.


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