One down, four to go..

May 18, 2007

So my first of five weeks of summer classes is over. It feels like it went by quickly now that it’s done, but I did have some agonizing points in between, especially that first four hours of Astronomy…

Anyways, I am heading home for the weekend, back to the new house and my desktop PC! I’m going to have to edit some videos I took over the Summit trip, and put those up on YouTube. I’ve already had one of the guys asking where they were haha.

The most important thing today though is that I need to get drunk. Really drunk. Very much drunk. It’s been a frustrating week, and I need to relax! I’m going to try out some Guild Wars on my desktop, and see if it is any more enjoyable on there, and then decide where I want to go from there. My itch to return to WoW is starting to come back, as much as I don’t want to pay per month again. I never really did get to try out the Burning Crusade content do to rerolling a new Blood Elf. The good thing is he is level 52, and will have full rest so I should be able to grind him out to 60 with no problem at all. Maybe I’d even give my 60 warrior a shot again too.

I did finally get the Halo 3 beta to work, and I played one lone game. While I enjoyed it quite a bit, finishing in the mid ranks with a sad 9 kills, I don’t have the urge to play the beta anymore. I just want to wait for the full retail game and enjoy that. Besides, if I hope to get any sort of credit for getting rid of Crackdown I better try and trade it in soon, which is what I plan to do in a matter of minutes.

That’s all for now, hopefully more to come later!


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