I’m IN

May 15, 2007

Thanks to Gamerman98 that I met on the MMORPG.com Guild Wars Forums, I now have a 10 hour trial for Guild wars! I’ve barely wet my toes in the game so far, but I am enjoying what I have experienced quite a bit. My new friend and I did a few quests, and I died a few times, but I guess that’s just par for a new game haha. There are lots of things that this game does that I like already, especially being able to watch others if you are dead or whatever, and being a spectator for the PVP battlegrounds. Here are a few screens I took of my new Necromancer, Joridel Nox. I have a few more in my xfire screenshot portfolio if you are interested.

The one with the little girl made me feel fairly awkward, she asked to follow me around, and then I gave her a flower. Almost immediately she got down on her knees and I had to convince myself that I was NOT a pedophile lol.

I’m throwing up a link to MMORPG for anyone who has never been there yet, very friendly forums!

More later, have to get ready for my first four hour class.. *sigh*



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