Once again

May 14, 2007

So here I am sitting back on Campus, the first day of the Summer Semester. Two agonizing hours of a math class, and this is just the beginning. Two more hours, every day for the next five weeks, ontop of 4 hours twice a week of Astronomy.. *sigh* But I need to get it out of the way, and I need to do well.

I’ve put some more time into Diablo 2, and I’ll throw up some Screens in the bottom of this post. I’m on Act II now and really enjoying my Necromancer, although the boss at the end of Act 1 kicked my ass TWICE before I finally killed her. I don’t know if this is normal, but she just decimated all of my backup before making me her bitch as well. It was a sad sad day.

It’s fun having an army do all the work for you, four skeleton fighters, two skeleton mages, and a Clay Golem. Not to mention I had a poor archer henchwoman, but she died (along with two other trying to kill that boss!) Now hopefully at this new area I can get a new henchman. We will see!

I have been taking a break from Pearl the last day or so, but I will be jumping back in there shortly, GREAT game.

That’s all for now I suppose.


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