Went by to quickly

May 10, 2007

So that’s another year finished at Ball State, two more, maybe a third if I am lucky and then it’s out into the real world. My parents bought be a nice video camera which I made great use of at the Second Annual Lake Summit Summit the day after the semester ended. I still need to edit the footage and put it up on youtube or something, but I will link to it shortly.

I have yet to return to WoW, and now that the summer semester is about to start next week and I am not taking my desktop PC with me, I cannot really see myself starting it up again any time soon. In it’s place I picked up Diablo II to play on my laptop! I never did play this when it was first released, but after hearing it mentioned in reference to Hellgate London recently on the Retronauts podcast I decided to go ahead and pick it up. While I was at the store I actually almost ended up buying Guild Wars, seeing as how it was newer, more of an MMO, and actually cheaper. I did buy Diablo though, and while I am starting to get into it, GW may have been a better choice. The graphics are quite dated here. I am going to give it some more time before I make my final judgement. My little Necromancer looks cool holding his dagger though, doing a downward stabbing motion, and it is hilarious watching my skeleton buddy scramble about the screen. Here’s a Screenshot of me finishing the first quest.

So I’m going to keep playing and see if it gets any better, and just keep Guild Wars in the back of my head.

To continue on with what I’ve been playing lately, before the semester ended I borrowed the 360 version of Oblivion from a friend and sunk another 65 hours into it, making a new character and finally beating the main story line. I also ended up unlocking all of the other main game achievements before I had to return it to him, this really helped ween me off of WoW.

One of my guilty pleasures, Pokemon, just released it’s next generation game on the DS. I ended up picking up copies of both Diamond and Pearl for myself and the girlfriend. We’ve had a good time playing together and it’s really easy now to trade with the DS’ wireless connectivity.

I’ve sunk about 19 hours into the game so far, and I am really enjoying what it does differently than the past generations. I’ll post more in depth about the game later on.

Sadly the girlfriend will be out of state for the next couple of weeks, and what makes it worse as I mentioned before I’ll be taking summer classes for the next five weeks, so it will be a long time before we get to spend any real amount of time together.

I’ll be posting more again soon hopefully.


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