February 16, 2007

I haven’t made a post lately, so here’s a little update for you. As of this morning (the 16th) I am ¾’s of the way to 36. I couldn’t sleep very well last night so I got up and figured I’d try to finish that off before the day starts! Hopefully I’ll take a few screen shots to show off my character again, although he doesn’t look very much different than before. Yesterday I managed to find a Collectors Edition of Burning Crusade sitting in a Meijers, of COURSE I bought it, justifying my purchase with the fact that I am using the account itself as a late Valentines Day gift for my girlfriend, who is getting back into the game!

So I’ve made 36, right as it was time for me to “get up” and go to class, about to get dressed and leave, just thought I’d finish off this post so I could get it up there. Took some screen shots of the second pet I’ve been leveling up with Zanzig, I’ll throw those up later on for you.

Ugh, I just want the day to be over with already..


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