February 6, 2007

Quiz went okay today, probably could have done better had I actually sat down to study *sigh*.. The girlfriend is getting sick, and I just recovered from my cold so I hope I don’t pick up whatever she has. As I said before, I made level 20 last night!! Only 20 more before I can get my mount, I can’t wait! The guys across the hall are level 8 I do believe, and I am thinking about starting a guild for us. I’ve got the cash to start it, and to create a tabbard. A bunch of guys that I grouped with also expressed interest in making a guild, so I just hope I can design something that everyone likes, and that we can actually work as a cohesive group, let alone get enough people interested in it. We’ll see.

Servers are down at the moment, otherwise I’d be in WoW now haha. I’m supposed to be going home this weekend, but depending on the weather that may or may not happen. It’s snowing like crazy right now! I had more to talk about, but I’ve forgotten it.. Just played two games of Heavy Weapon with the guy across the hall while we wait for the servers to come up, guess it fried my brain a bit. Ah well, High score both times! 😉

That’s all for now I guess, later!


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