So yes, I did it..

January 31, 2007

I started playing WoW again. I went out and bought Burning Crusade after I canceled the Collectors Edition I had preordered.. *sigh* Old habbits die hard, and evidently this was one I wasn’t ready to give up. As for Final Fantasy… Well it just didn’t do it for me. It was to slow, to clumsy, and the point I thought would make it the better choice actually ruined it for me. Playing on Xbox live I figured I could keep track of my friends, see what was going on and chat with them. Well whenever I DID play Final Fantasy I would constantly get invites to play other games with friends I wanted to play with, and it would just pull me out of the game. To add to that, the people that I did know who played FF were never on except for specific times I had set up to play other games with other friends.

It just didn’t have that log on and accomplish something appeal that I needed. So I went back to WoW and started on a new server. I will hopefully transfer my 60 warrior over soon. My new guy is (obivously) a Blood Elf, and once again I am going the route of Hunter. This time I really plan to stick him out though and play him to the end game. Level five so far! I’m just about to leave to spend the night over at the girlfriends, but I’ll be playing a bit on the laptop!

More updates coming soon!


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