Sure it has

December 9, 2006

This blog has not been abandoned, nor forgotten, more so I’ve just not had the patience to sit down and write, especially knowing no one read this. I have come to the conclusion that I really need to start keeping it up, or at least making an effort, if only to try and keep my writing skills someone sharp.

The Fall Semester here is just about to end, next week is finals week, and after that it’s a month at home for Christmas. I’m not particularly happy about being away from my room here at school, only for the reason all of my stuff is here. Seeing my family will be nice though, and I suppose I can sacrifice my TV for the break. Being done with these particular classes will be a blessing though, I just hope I do fairly well. After doing quite a bit of thinking and soul searching, I’ve found that I don’t really want to continue towards a business major here, and am considering switching to journalism, with the end goal of working for a publication. Of course the pipe dream would be working for an EGM, or an IGN, something that would have to do with video games of course. In the short term my goal is just to switch majors, and start taking some classes that I (hopefully) enjoy more than the ones I am currently taking. English and writing in general has always been my strongest point academically.

Other than that life is much the same as it usually is, I’ve been spending time with the girlfriend, and playing video games. Right now I am in the process of playing some Viva Pinata, which is personally one of my favorite games of the year. I’ll talk about that more later on. I’ve been playing Viva pretty hardcore since I picked it up, starting two different gardens, my favorite Pinata being my blue Preztail named Doc, who is showing off a hot shark fin. Off the top of my head I can’t remember my gardening level, but I do believe it is at least 33. I passed up the ten hour mark a looooong time ago, but haven’t had much of a chance to play it because the girlfriend wanted to start her own garden. When I say her own garden I do mean her own. While Viva lets you have multiple gardens, they all run off of one profile which you share experience and money with. Well the girlfriend wanted her own profile, and garden, so we ended up going out and buying a memory card and created her her very own Xbox Live Gamer tag. She made her very own garden, which she is very proud of, and I had the pleasure of sending her crates and crates of Pinata’s, which I found out was some what of a mistake, because the took up so much room of her garden, many of them ended up fairly sad for awhile, with one or two actually leaving. This deeply distressed my poor girlfriend haha.

Speaking of the girlfriend, she went out shopping today for Christmas gifts (coincidentally she’s getting me an XBL vision camera, which is going to come in handy with Rainbow 6, once I pick it up this coming Christmas break) so today is my day to sit around and play some video games. Last night was really the start, when I stayed up until 6 AM playing Gears of War online. I actually started playing, and started drinking my new bottle of Jim Beam’s Choice (delicious btw), got trashed, and proceeded to play to the point that I was once again sober. Needless to say, it was a grand time. Right now I am whoring some achievements by playing some Sneak King as I write this mess up. Afterwards I am going to toss in Big Bumpin’, which I have yet to open, and follow that up with some Marble Blast Ultra (I think that’s the name..) that I bought last January over XBL, and then proceeded to never touch it.

That’s all for today I think, hopefully I can start posting regularly, for all you loyal non existent readers. Thanks for your support!!


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