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December 1, 2006

Of course I will say the same thing, “sorry it has been so long since I’ve posted last”. Not like anyone even reads this! Ah well, it’s good to get things off of my chest, and right now is the perfect time to vent (after having a few drinks). Yes it’s true, I’ve finally turned twenty one, although I shouldn’t be drinking in the dorm, but anyone who actually gives a damn wont’ find out any time soon. Anyways, I’ll try to make this a long one since I know I have plenty to say.

To start, my best friend from back home, a guy I’ve known since elementary school, and who followed me to my current college this year, isn’t coming back next semester. He told me this just a couple days ago, with only two weeks left in the term. This comes as a huge blow to me, because not only was I expecting him to graduate from this college, in effect staying here with me, but I won’t even be seeing him at home during breaks, because my family is moving out of our home town. So after this Chirstmas vacation, when we work together at the local Gamestop, I most likely wont be seeing to much of him. Add to the fact that it seems lately he is blowing me off, which I don’t understand. I can’t tell if it’s because he is pissed at me (for what reason I wouldn’t know), if he doesn’t want to listen to me trying to talk him out of not coming back (which I told him I’m done trying to do), or if it will help soften the blow on his side if he doesn’t have to deal with me altogether.

Enough of that though, lets get back to basics and focus on what this blog is about! VIDEO GAMES. So like I’ve mentioned before, I have given up on World of Warcraft, and am starting to question if I want to even bother playing it at all, even when the expansion comes out in January. The main draw was to play with my best friend (who is leaving me) and a few people from back at home. Of course this would be the obvious way to keep in touch with those guys, but in some twisted way it just makes me want to interact with them less. Maybe it’s just my current bitterness talking. Or the Alcohol. Oh delicious Rolling Rock I love you… So that’s all I have to say about MMO’s right now, it’d be nice having the extra cash to spend on video games that I have already set aside on my preorder for Burning Crusade, but I suppose I’ll just leave it on there for now.

With that out of the way lets get to the meat and potatoes of what I’ve been playing this month, and that is Gears of War. Undeniably the game of the year, even going up against the Nintendo Wii’s behemoth; Zelda. Gears of War has not only the beautiful graphics and delectable story line, but the strategic and addicting multiplayer to back it up. I finally just beat the single player storyline the other day (you can check exactly how long it took me on my XBL and blog page, in the links) because I’ve been pretty busy lately. A lot of people were complaining that it was too short, but I don’t feel the same. My only complaint is that they left so much of the story untold. So many questions were left swimming in my brain, which only fueled my lust for a sequel even more! PLEASE Epic, give us confirmation of another Gears of War!

With Gears of War out of the way, let me just say that my 360 has been getting lots of love this month. I haven’t touched my DS at all since the last time I’ve posted, and my PC has been denied of gaming goodness for quite awhile now. Along with Gears, earlier in the month I picked up Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007. This was always a huge game with me and my buddies, the supreme party game. Myself, my best friend mentioned above and another good friend of ours would waste hours upon hours playing the multiplayer portion of the game on the PS2. Now that the game is on a Microsoft platform I can say that the addition of Xbox live didn’t really help the online portion of the game. It really is meant to be played in the same room with friends, akin to games like Super Smash Brothers and Goldeneye. This aside, the multiplayer part aspect of the game still lives up to it’s legendary (in my eyes) predecessors of the past, and what little we have played together, I have enjoyed quite a bit. This of course has been soured, again, by the fact that he is abandoning me next semester. I really am a bitter person, am I not? The create-a-wrestler feels downsized from the last game, and the story mode is a joke, but the game mechanics itself have been changed for the better. I’m still of the belief that the CPU reverses to much for it’s own good, but that’s my own opinion. General Manager mode has again captured my attention, and that is saying something since I haven’t really started it yet. I enjoyed that aspect of the last game quite a bit, and with the changes and additions to this version, I am looking forward to starting it up this season. Of course I have to sit down and skill up my created wrestlers before I toss them into that gauntlet.

Aside from those two games I bought earlier in the month, I also picked up all three Burger King games offered at the fast food outlet. This includes; Sneak King, Big Bumping, and Pocket Bike Racer. I’ve only managed to play Sneak King so far, and while the game itself is a travesty, I still enjoy playing it from the novelty standpoint, and just because it’s extremely funny, from a creepy point of view (they have an option to go into first person view, meaning you stare out of the peep holes in the kind mask, listening to the heavy mouth breathing and all). I’m looking forward to trying out the other two games, which received better review scores and include multiplayer, surely they have to be more fun, and equally as entertaining.

To finish this blog post off, and in continuing with the 360 love fest, I picked up Viva Pinata today, due to the rave reviews from the big gaming news sites, and the fact that the guys at 1up, EGM, and Gamespot could not stop talking about the game on their podcast. Let me tell you, the praise is well worth it, and the game is incredibly addicting. I’ll hopefully get around to making an entire blog post dedicated to the game, but while I’ve only put in an our or two (or three) I’ll save my comments for a later time.

Before I forget, Threadless is having another $10 T shirt sale that is still going on, and their link can be found below! I’ve gotten two shirts from them on this sale already, take advantage of it while you can!

Night all, I apologize for any mistakes I may have made, again, I have been drinking!

– Jerrek


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