October 31, 2006

$122.50, that’s how much this stupid speeding ticket costs me. I just want to pay it and get the whole ordeal over with, it’s really not something I want to dwell on more than I have too, it doesn’t leave me in the best of moods. So I traded in Saints Row today, after realizing that sitting and playing, trying to get to the cut scenes in between missions just felt like work, and I wasn’t enjoying myself. I put the money, towards picking up Smackdown Vs Raw sometime in November, and while I was there I picked up a booster pack of the new World of Warcraft trading card game. This is something that I really don’t need to be getting into, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to check it out, especially with a chance to get one of the rare in game item cards. I also stopped by that used game store in town and managed to find a Super Gameboy, so I’m halfway to my goal in this department. I just hope the girlfriend doesn’t forget the SNES.

Now I’m sure some ones wondering “If you need to pay this ticket, why are you spending money??” Well I can’t help it, I have a little extra cash to spend because of the birthday, but I am trying to cut back. That’s about all I have to say for right now, we’ll see if anything else interesting happens today..


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