Four Day Weekend!

October 27, 2006

Quick update before I leave for home on my four day weekend for fall break. Watched UFC like I had said earlier, only not the way it was planned. My buddy and I had a sort of ritual thing to hang out on Thursdays, chill, watch some TV with it all climaxing in The Ultimate Fighter. Well I guess he decided it’d be okay to blow me off yesterday (at the time, only two weeks were left) and I didn’t really appreciate it. That’s all fine and dandy though, because I went to dinner with the girlfriend and one of her friends that I hadn’t really met yet, and had a great time, and then I ended up watching UFC so not all was lost. I have to say I am disappointed in the fight last night though. I knew the one guy would win, but it was boring and sloppy, and the only reason Travis won, was because Drago couldn’t get up, not because of and damage he was inflicting (almost none).

I am pretty sure I am going to come back to the dorms on Sunday, even though we don’t have classes until Tuesday, simply for the fact that all of my stuff is here at school because of the new house, so my room is literally empty. Going to get my hair cut, and pick up my winter clothes, along with seeing my family.

Alright, I am off to continue getting ready to leave. I’m sure I will post again tonight, later!


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