October 21, 2006

Ran UBRS again last night with the guild, and I’ll tell you what, we are smoooooooth as buttah. Supposedly another Molten Core run today some time, not sure if I’ll make it or not, I really hope so though. Although I have been getting my fair share of drops, it’s mostly been tanking armor that isn’t really as good as my valor set pieces. I am dieing for some new good equipment, especially some weapons. I’ve been rocking the same Ice Barbed Spear for way to many levels, and need to upgrade desperately. One of the leaders of the guild asked me what spec I was, and I was shocked when he said we had to many Protection warriors in the guild. I just freaking respeced, and had I known we didn’t need another would have stayed my arms/fury spec. Ah well, if I get a kick as two hander I am going back, that’s for sure. I thought this picture was pretty neat, so I tossed it up for you, what do you think? Still some change I want to do to the blog, maybe put pictures and such around the edges. I’m not sure really yet, it just doesn’t feel complete yet.

Playing Emerald right now while the girlfriend is still asleep. I am exactly 60 hours in, and just got to the Elite Four! My team is as follows: Ludicolo – Lvl 54, Linoone – Lvl 52, Magneton – Lvl 53, Aggron – Lvl 51, Exploud – Lvl 50, and Tropius – Lvl 50. Wish me luck! So I just finished the Elite Four, took nearly an hour, but I did it! Jesus was it a pain in the ass too..

Okay I wrote this all earlier on this morning, and just now got around to finishing this up so I could post it. MC ended up not happening, the guildies were trying to get people Onyxia attuned for a run tonight, and were already in UBRS so I just logged off and did other stuff. I did manage to beat the Elite Four, took me nearly an hour. Thought I’d give the game a bit of a rest and pick it up again later on tonight, seeing as how the girlfriend plans on sleeping over again. I did play some more of the Clubhouse games, and this thing is going to keep my attention for a while. I just cant wait to get the Wifi adapter.

The girlfriend and I are going out with a friend and his girlfriend for dinner tonight, and to possibly see the new Robin Williams movie. It looks good, and I am a huge fan, but we will see.


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