October 20, 2006

This goes without saying, because I am almost positive NO one has even glanced at this blog, but just incase you have, you will have noticed that there were some drastic changes that happened to it. I felt like it needed a redesign, and that I should post more about myself, so I mixed things up a bit. In addition to the changes, there was an addition to the page, of the MMO news feed, provide by www.VirginWorlds.com which deal with all things Massive. They so happen to also be one of the podcasts that I listen to, which you can find at http://www.virginworlds.com/podcast.php if you don’t use iTunes. I’ll throw that link in my links section also.

Anyways, a bit about myself. I’ve been playing MMO’s since I was about 14 (I turn 21 this November), starting with Everquest. I played EQ on the Fennin Ro server to begin with, playing multiple characters, my highest being a level 40 Barbarian Warrior named Khaul. I also had a level 25 iksar monk named Gabool, and a 30ish Beastlord named Jerrek.

I had an on and off relationship with EQ, in between playing it over and over again, I played many other MMO’s. This includes, Dark Age of Camelot, Anarchy Online, Shadowbane, and some other old ones. The one that comes in second place in both memorable moments, and sure fun game play, is Asheron’s Call. AC still has a fond place in my heart, right next to Everquest. I had some great times in the group on Solclaim that I played with, called Pandora’s Hope.

Asheron’s Call was such a different game compared to Everquest, there were no classes, no different races, just three different heritages for you to choose from. The skill based leveling system felt so open, like you could make your character whatever you chose, you were not limited in any way. The open world environment was also the complete opposite of Everquests Zone fest, and the portal traveling felt almost interactive, compared to staring at a frozen screen, wondering when you would pop on the other side.

But alas just like EQ, I tried to go back to this game a couple of times in the last two years, and it just doesn’t feel the same. I lost that newbie feeling, where everything is new, and I am experiencing it for the first time. It doesn’t help that none of the new MMO’s that have come out innovate in any way that helps make you feel “fresh” again. I’ve played plenty of them since those fateful days, including Star Wars Galaxies, Final Fantasy XI, Asheron’s Call 2, City of Heroes, Planetside, Everquest 2, and World of Warcraft. Will some of these didn’t hold my attention for more than the free thirty days, others like World of Warcraft were enjoyable enough that I would stick with them, but I still never feel the way I have since Everquest and Asheron’s Call. I don’t know if I can contribute that to my own growing up, or the familiarity of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games in general. All I do know is that I truly miss the feeling.

For anyone who is curious about contacting me in WoW, which I am currently playing, I am on the Emerald Dream, RP/PVP server, horde side. My level 60 Undead Warrior is named Jerrek, and I am a member of the guild Epilogue. I’m going to also toss a link to my 360 gamer blog, and my gamer tag website, even though it hasn’t seen much action lately except as a DVD player. My gamer tag for XBL is Jerrek BSU.

Well, that’s all for now, maybe I’ll post again later on tonight if I can think of anything to add. Later!


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