Kickin’ Ass

October 19, 2006

So yesterday ended fairly well. I ended up going to Molten Core with the guild (along with part of another guild and some pick ups) and had a great freaking time. We only wiped twice, and those were due to miscommunications, and the fact that it was the first time for lots of people. Amazingly we One Shot the first three bosses, and what a rush it was! It’s crazy seeing yourself and thirty nine other people take down one massive creature. I am hoping we do that run again soon. Neither myself nor my good friend who got my into the game got any loot, even though one of the T1 warrior pieces and two of the shaman pieces dropped, along with multiple other epics and rares, we didn’t win any of them.

Unfortunately the new episode of LOST aired while this was going down, and I was only able to half watch it, which I think was more of a mistake than not watching it at all because if you don’t pay attention to every little detail that is happening, you are completely lost. No pun intended.

Speaking of Television, The Ultimate Fighter is on tonight! Can’t wait, Matt Serra Vs Shonie Carter, most anticipated fight of the season!

I haven’t done much so far today, napped in between classes, played a little bit of Pokemon. Got my 8th gym badge, and am up to 83 on the Pokedex. Going to run around the world a little bit, level my guys up some more and then hit the Elite four. I’ll let you know how that is going. After I beat them once, I want to start a whole new team to beat them again, just to play with some different Pokes. I still have Leaf Green that I bought a week or two ago that I need to crack open and get started on, but I have no rush to do that, if the rumors are true that Diamond and Pearl wont be released here until march, or maybe even later.

I’m thinking about going out Friday or Saturday and picking up either a DS game, which would be either Club House Games, or Big Brain Academy. Both of these are $5 off at Best Buy until Sunday, which would make their prices $25, and $15 respectively. If I don’t end up getting either of these, I’ll spend the money (which I shouldn’t be spending!!) on a Pride Fighting Championships dvd set, which has five of their PPV’s on five disks for $20. I think that is a heck of a deal, and I am itching for some MMA.

Alright, I need to be getting ready for my last class of the day. I’ll post again later on maybe, depending if anything interesting happens. Hope UFC is great tonight!!


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