October 18, 2006

It’s about time for an update I was thinking, so where we are! How about a news update about what I am currently doing? Well, last night I ended up buying a time card for WoW and getting back in game. My buddy that has been wanting me to return to the game got me into the new guild he had just joined, and I ended up running an UBRS run with them right away. I’ve been to UBRS a few times, but this is only the second time I’ve ever completed it. It was a good sign, for the first thing I did coming back to the game to go smoothly. In addition to that I ended up getting a few items, a belt to toss in my pile of tanking equipment, a new fire resist shield (check out the pic, if I remember correctly it is the Draconian Deflector) and the hunter T0 belt, which I tossed on the AH. We have a Molten Core guild run tonight, which will be a first for me. Hopefully it goes well!

I’ve also been playing some of my Emerald game when I had the chance, I am at nearly 55 hours played, 7 badges, and 81 caught. I’m spending most of my time leveling my team up to 50, before I tackle the last gym. Right now I am actually heading into the sky pillar.

So I wrote this earlier and never got around to posting it. I am actually in WoW right now, hoping this group gets flying for MC. If not I am heading back to pokemon and doing some home work. Either way I’ll post again soon, either tonight, or tomorrow. Later!!


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