Time for a long one..

October 12, 2006

I know I promised that I’d write again Tuesday night, or at least by Wednesday, but I didn’t make it. Partly because right before I sat down to do my homework, and start writing my blog, the power went out in the dorm. So I ended up sitting in the dark listening to some podcasts, and playing Pokemon on my DS until the battery ran out on both of them. After that I got fed up of waiting for them to turn the power back on (about an hour and a half) and I left the building heading over to the girlfriend’s dorm.

She was supposed to come hang out in my room last night, but since the power was out we decided she might as well stay there. I was slightly upset about it, because we haven’t spent much time together lately due to our schedules. Most of it is my fault because I’ve been hanging out with my buddy watching UFC, which unfortunately I am going to do again tonight, so she is less than thrilled. I am trying not to blame her job at all, but of course that does take up a chunk of time we had previously spent together. Anyways, back on topic, I spent a good hour and a half over at her room, charging up my DS and my cell phone, because I wasn’t sure if the power would be on by the time I got back (it was). In a fluke, because I hadn’t put two and two together that it was Wednesday, I watched the new episode of LOST with her and her roommate, which I would have otherwise missed if I had been sitting in my room had I had the power. So the night was not entirely lost.

The girlfriend has been pretty emotional and needy this past week, due to it being her special time of the month, and I can always tell when it’s coming on because she gets incredibly touchy feely, and clings to me everywhere, when we are walking, when we are shopping, trying to good food, etc. It drives me absolutely fucking crazy, and in turn makes her upset and sad when I tell her I don’t want to hold onto her waist when we are trying to speed walk to class. In a way I am sort of glad we haven’t seen to much of each other this week, because she is always a train wreck of emotions and hormones when she is on her period. I love her so much, but she can send me up a wall some times! I am going to hate to see her when she is pregnant, oy.. Nine months of emotional waves even worse than this? I think not!

I went and picked up my new glasses yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier. It has been awhile since I’ve had new glasses, and I really needed them. Not because of the prescription, these new ones are only slightly stronger, but because my right lens of my old glasses had fogged over permanently. It didn’t obscure my vision to badly, I could hardly notice it unless I was trying to, but dear god did it look funny. These new glasses are wonderful though, the lens size is smaller, and it is made with some material that helps reduce/eliminate glare problems. They also came with a pair of magnetic clip on sunglasses which I have been wanting for a long time. Needless to say I am thrilled!

Just to talk about UFC for a second, I am pissed that Shamrock lost to Tito Ortiz for the third time. I knew Ken had almost no chance in winning, but god damn it I wanted the fight to last a little longer, and for Shamrock to do something this time. It just made it worse when Ortiz acted like a complete tool, fooling around and flipping Ken off after the fight. He must have felt like an ass when Ken got up and only wanted to congratulate him. I’m glad Ken decided to retire, and I hope he makes some future appearances with the guys he trains at the lions den. As for Tito, I cannot WAIT to see him get his ass kicked by Chuck Liddell again. People keep saying “Oh the only reason Chuck beat him is because Tito tried to fight him at his own game, and stood up with him.” I’ve got news for you morons, Chuck Liddell has some of the best (if not THE BEST) take down defense in the Light Heavyweight Division. He is a better wrestler than Tito, and isn’t ever going to give him the chance to get him on the ground. Tito is in for a beating, and I can’t wait to see his ass get shut up.

Speaking of Chuck Liddell, the Iceman himself makes an appearance on The Ultimate Fighter tonight! The baddest mother fucker in the world is going to be giving the guys some training advice before their semifinal bouts, and I am more than ready to see these guys get it on. I am rooting for Matt Serra in the middle weight division, and would love to see him face Shonie Carter. I like both fighters a lot, and I know the fight would be a great one to watch. I’d like Serra to win the whole thing and go on to fight Hughes, just because it’d be great to watch Hughes beat the snot out of him!

I’m still reading my book, Omega, and it has kept me interested in it, with a good pace, and as usual, wonderful character development. I’m about halfway through now, taking my time not by choice, but more for the fact that the only time I usually take the time to read the book is right before I fall asleep in bed, and by that time I can hardly keep myself awake to read more than 10 pages. I’ll get through it yet!

My classes are going well, but tests have started to get a lot harder. I bombed one already, and got hosed on another. I need to step up and work on studying harder, and to top that off, work on my assignments before they get to far behind.

I spoke of watching LOST earlier, and wanted to say something about it. I love the series, and am going to continue to be a fan, but this season seems to be starting off fairly slow, and it is loosing a bit of it’s eeriness. Hopefully things change in the future, and if I am correct, it will be sooner than later. Next weeks episode finally shows us what happened to the other people on the island, instead of just focusing on Jack, Sawyer, and Kate, which frankly I was starting to get tired of. I’m more concerned on what Lock is up to, and Hurly, and everyone else stuck over near the hatch. Oh and the hatch itself, what is left of it, what will happen now? I hope they focus on more of the supernatural happenings on the island, like the smoke creature/being, why Lock’s legs healed, things like that. Those mysteries are really what ties the show together for me.

So I’ve been playing Saints Row every once in awhile, and I just cant see myself playing through it all the way. Frankly I am just not interested in playing that right now, and am really enjoying my DS more than anything. I told you last time that I bought a second DS lite(a pink one!) and really love the device. The girlfriend is really enjoying not having to share it with me now, that is for sure. She’s trying her hardest to catch up to me time wise in Pokemon, which probably wont happen any time soon considering I have about 45 hours in the game already. She does have a chance of passing me up in the storyline, even though we are playing separate games. The basic basis of Pokemon is to #1, beat gyms and then the Elite Four, to become a Pokemon Master. Well we are both at the point of having 6 badges, and I am only 15 or 20 Pokemon ahead of her Pokedex wise. What I’ve been doing is planting berries, breeding Pokemon, and leveling up other Pokemon. I’ve been battling trainers over and over, which is a nice feature they’ve included in Emerald. She is playing Fire Red, which I am pretty sure the same feature is in, and I will actually find out soon, seeing as I picked myself up a copy of Leaf Green at Circuit City this week. They had it on sale for $14.99 which I couldn’t pass up. What’s better is that it was an older copy and still came with the free wireless adapter. This doesn’t do many any good, seeing as I have a DS, but you never know when it might be handy. With this said, I am somewhat upset because right as I was checking out at the register in the electronics section, I noticed they had just gotten copies of Phoenix Wright for the DS in, and realized I was really dieing for a true DS game, instead of just playing a GBA cart. I couldn’t push myself to pass up this deal, because I knew I was going to end up buying leaf green in preparation for Diamond and Pearl, so I did it while it was cheap. I do think though, that I will trade in Madden 07 soon, simply for the fact that I have absolutely no urge to play the game at all. I think I just burned myself out playing NCAA, which IMHO, was a better game to begin with. Madden may do all sorts of new things, and do everything else better, but damn it if NCAA was just more fun to play. I’m going to continue to give Saints Row a chance, hopefully it will grab my interest at some point. I guarantee though, by the time it is time to pick up the new Smackdown VS Raw game in November, it is going to be traded in heh..

As I write this, I am listening to a podcast and they just mentioned the World of Warcraft episode of Southpark that aired last week, and I recommend anyone who is interested in the game, and has not yet seen the episode check it out at www.youtube.com The show is freaking brilliant, and while I’m not so much a fan of the show anymore (I hadn’t seen an episode in about four years) it almost makes me want to start watching it more regularly. It was very clever, and used the in game engine pretty well. Kyle as a female mage was just to much!

Speaking of podcasts (great transitions eh??) I know I’ve been mention for awhile now that I’d talk about the ones I listen to. I’ll mention today some of my favorites, starting with THE very best one on the net; 1up.com’s 1UP Yours http://www.1up.com/do/feature?cId=3149993 The cast of this show couldn’t better compliment each other. Listening to Luke, Shane, Garnet, and John get at each other is something I wait on edge for every Friday, which it is posted on. Running only slightly behind in second place is Gamespot’s The Hot Spot http://www.gamespot.com/features.html?type=features&category=HotSpot The Hot Spot is very similar to 1UP Yours, but again the cast is what makes the difference. Each person on the show has such great personality, and I don’t mind listening to the each of these shows talking about the same news, because I get the chance to listen to each person’s perspective on these issues, and observe how they accept it. Rounding out the large gaming website podcasts, IGN.com has a great podcast themselves, any is definitely worth checking out. All of these can be found through iTunes, or at the links above. I’m going to try to talk about a different one on each of my posts, but if I miss it don’t be upset!

I’ve typed enough for now I think, so I’ll just post this, and if I think of anything I may have missed, I’ll just post again!


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