October 5, 2006

To relax that is! My last test for the week is over, I have a fairly short day tomorrow due to one class being cancled, and the girlfriend has a looooong day of work ahead of her. That means lots of me time. Not sure that I did to hot on the test I had today, but I’ll be able to make it up later on just in case. I’m just glad to be done with it. I went to the class an hour early today, and actually sat down. That was only slightly embarassing. It made me realize how stressed out I really was getting over these stupid things.

It’s in the past now though, so it’s time to move on. My good friend keeps bugging me about returning to World of Warcraft, and while I plan on coming back for sure once the Burning Crusade expansion comes out, I’m slightly tempted to start playing my warrior again before that. Blizzard announced the collectors edition today, and it is a must buy. Even if it is just for the music cd alone! I love the warcraft music and am upset I missed the collectors edition the first time around. The one for the expansion comes with some boosters for the up coming card game, and an in game pet that I am pretty psyched about.

I’ve put in some rediculous time into my Emerald game, basically any free time I have I sit down and play, and I’ve managed to amass 26 hours in game. The girlfriend is getting addicted as well, seeing as she has put 6 hours into her game, and the only time she has had a chance to play it is when she is hanging out with me in my room! I cant imagine what it would do to her if I let her take the DS to her room (which she has been begging me to do, saying it’s not fair that I’m keeping it. HA!). She’d probably rack up as many hours as I have!

Well I am heading to bed, one of my two classes is at 8, and I want to be somewhat awake for it..


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