October 4, 2006

So today was my longest day of the week, and to top it off, I had three tests. Three Tests in one day, and another tomorrow morning, and then a Midterm next Tuesday. These things are killing me! I got through them though, and have been relaxing today. I’ll study tomorrow morning before my next test, I am just a little to burnt out right now to do any more.

Things have been going pretty well for me this past week, besides all of the work. I didn’t manage to make it to see Jackass 2 yet, hopefully this weekend. The girlfriend got a job, which she is excited about, but now it seems like she wants to spend more time with me when she can. Which is no problem, except for the fact that she tried to schedule something for us to do on Thursday night, which is the night I have reserved to hang out with my best friend (and have had reserved for the last month or so). She accepted that I couldn’t do anything about it, but she still didn’t seem pleased. Nothing I can do here!

I’ve decided not to go back to EQ2 any time soon, which makes me feel kind of guilty, because I had a nice guild that immediately let me in. While I didn’t get a chance to really meet any of them in depth, they were willing to take me in and give me advice without knowing me first, and I appreciated that. But unfortunately I don’t have the time or money to invest in a new MMO, and I have plenty of single player games I need to be playing anyways.

Speaking of single player games, I figured I’ll talk about what I have been playing lately. I mentioned Halo2 sometime earlier, and I have been playing the single player version of that some, but mostly it’s been online matches with my friend. Other than that I’ve continued to play pokemon emerald, and am currently 21 hours into it. I have loved the franchise since the first red and blue games, almost 10 years ago. Even now, nearly 21, I still enjoy playing them, and cannot wait for the new versions for the DS to come out. I’ve even got the girlfriend hooked on it, and got her her own copy (fire red). She’s put 5 hours into her game, and is terribly upset that I wont let her take the DS home with her! Ha!

Well, time for some more gaming before I head off to bed and read a little. Take it easy! (I know I will!)


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