September 30, 2006

Back to my room finally, after spending the night at the girlfriend’s place. We had a good time, other than the fact that her dorm (all girls) seems like it is on prison lockdown at all time, seeing as she has to escort me around everywhere. To top it off, the only guys bathroom is located on the main floor of the building near the entrance.

I picked up Halo 2 again yesterday, because I never finished the storyline when I bought the game when it first came out. That, ontop of my buddy insisting we need to play it on XBL, in addition to the new Halo RTS trailer, I decided it was a good purchase. Played the first mission last night, hopefully I’ll get some more in today some time. I’ve decided it’s best to lay off of the MMO’s for a little bit, so EQ2 is going to stay frozen, and I’ll give EVE a chance later on. Hopefully this will give me some time to catch up on my single player games.

Tuesday I have three tests, and a few projects that I should be turning in by now. I really need to sit my ass down and study some, but I’ve got zero motivation to do so.. Going to head off of this thing for now, may post again if anything interesting happens.


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