And there it goes

September 28, 2006

So the week is finally just about over, and I couldn’t be happier. Well, I could, but that is besides the point. I have yet to reactivate my EQ2 account, and in my mind I am starting to push the date back a little bit. I’ve been reasoning with myself that this would give me time to complete the 360 games I have, and play some others. Sadly, I am already about 6 hours into Emerald, and I cant put the fucker down.

I am also thinking that right now might be a good time to start that EVE online 14 day free trial, since I don’t have to worry about splitting time between that game and EQ. I should really be studying this weekend, and doing work, but I’ll let you know what I decide.

The Ultimate Fighter is on tonight, and I am pretty excited. The episodes have been getting better and better, and I agree with Dana White, that this has been the best season yet. I’m looking forward to the big free fight on Spike October 10th. Tito Ortiz VS Shamrock one last time. Supposed to be going over to my buddy’s room to watch it, but who knows what is going on tonight. It doesn’t help that the girlfriend wants to have dinner with me too.

Oh more news, she ended up getting a job today, and starts next week. She’s going to be pretty busy, but she does need the money, and the job experience does along with her chosen major, so I’m all for her doing it. I’m not really worried about her having to make time for me, because we’ve done the long distance thing before, and it’s not a problem. Besides, I like my alone time! I am concerned that she may have to much on her plate though, and I hope she doesn’t overwhelm herself. I’m going to stop here and go attempt some homework, but make sure to remind me to eventually write about all of the podcasts I listen to.


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