And now for a Break

September 27, 2006

So this week has been pretty hectic, but now it is all easy. Besides finishing some projects and studying for two tests next week I should be in good shape to just relax. My Everquest 2 game card expired so my account is frozen atm. I’ll probably end up using my debit card either tonight or tomorrow and get back into the game. I DID however go and use that Walmart gift card, and pleeeeeease don’t be ashamed of what I did! After looking around online for a new DS game I didn’t see much of what I wanted, but I noticed that in Japan, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were just being released. This of course sparked my curiousity, and I ended up checking out how the franchise has changed. Unfortunately it also kicked my need to ‘catch em all’ into high gear and I ended up going out and picking up Emerald on GBA.. /sigh Ah well, it gives me something to do this weekend when I spend the night over in the girlfriends room (she complains we never hang out there, and her roommate is going out of town for the weekend so I finally aggreed to stay over).

I need to get ready for lunch, so I am heading out for now. I’ll post again if anything interesting happens today. Later!


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