And there you have it!

September 23, 2006

I finally got around to resizing those screen shots, plus I added in some new ones from EQ2, including a picture of Howard. Picture one is just a side view of my warrior holding his Blackwood’s Sword and Buckler, that were a special event only item that no longer drop in the game. Picture two is more of a front angle, showing off my Frost Wolf Tabard and other equipment. I love my Executioners helm!! Out of the Valor pieces I have the Gloves, Bracers, Belt, and Pants. Picture four (three just didn’t turn out right..) is a shot of my pet Mechanical Yeti, thought you’d get a kick out of him. Five is a bad ass frontal shot of my guy holding his Ice Barb spear. I really need new weapons, but hey, what can I do. :\ Six is me playing some Air Guitar in my Deep Dive helmet! Finally for the WoW screen shots, number 7 is a shot of my skeletal horse mount. As for the EQ pictures, number 1 is an interesting kung fu pose my Monk was pulling off, and two was just a very pretty view in game of the landscape and the sundered Moon in the background. The screen shot really doesn’t do the game justice. And of course, Howard is well.. He’s Howard!

I spent a great day with the girlfriend, and had some more much needed alone time with her. J While I was out running around I returned something to Walmart and received roughly $31.72 in store credit, which I will take recommendation’s for if anyone (ever reads this blog) decides to leave them for me. I was considering picking up a two pack of Pride Fighting Championship Dvd’s they have there for sale for $14.99, which would leave me with about half of the credit left. My friend insists that I pick up Halo2 so I can play online with him and some of our other friends. Lots of the guys in my dorm hall play it too, so I wouldn’t be short of people to play with!

Well, I think I am going to head back into Everquest and see what I can get accomplished. What really surprises me is that I am already halfway through level 23 and I have yet to group once, not for anything at all. It’s more or less my own fault, because I never advertise that I am looking for one, or respond to requests when people are looking.

(Sorry about the pictures, they ended up all out of order and I still had to fiddle around with them to make them seem somewhat fit with the text, but they ARE there!)

I’ll be around again soon, good night blog!


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