Short and..

September 22, 2006

So yeah this one is going to be just a partial post. I’m kind of tired and honestly don’t have much to say. UFC was great, the guy my buddy picked at the beginning of the show finally got to fight, and got his ass handed to him, by a guy neither of us care for. But boy oh boy did it make my day when we got to see what a clown the loser was. Didn’t get a chance to sit down and play Everquest tonight, but I will make up for it tomorrow I hope. Before I finish this though, I have to say something about the blog is really irritating me. Under my interests in my profile, I can’t get them to turn into links like everyone else has. I figured that would be an easy way to find people with similar interests, but it wont work if I can’t click on them! Someone help me out here please! That’s it for today, good night.


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