Peace at Last

September 22, 2006

Well the week is finally over, as far as classes are concerned, and now my weekend can begin! I just got out of the shower and have 50 minutes to write up this next blog post before I have to head out to lunch with the girlfriend, and then it’s off to run some errands. I started writing up a list of the things I wanted to write about in the blog because it was inevitable that I would forget about them before I actually sat down to write this thing, so this blog may actually have some interesting content today.

The first thing I wanted to mention is a clothing website called Threadless. www.Threadless.com is their web address, and the concept of what they do is pretty interesting. All of their T shirt designs are all user submitted, and then voted on by the community there. Shirts that are received well enough are scheduled for a limited printing, and then sold online. Once they are sold out, that’s it, unless there is large enough demand for a specific design that it is voted (again by the community) back into a reprint. I believe the designers of the shirt receive a set amount of money for their submitted design if it is chosen to be printed. While I am not an artist myself, I can appreciate the effort and work the people who are put into these shirts, and I think the price they ask for them is more than reasonable. I’ve ordered a few, but the some of my favorites that I would recommend you looking at are titled ‘Pandemonium’, and ‘The Communist Party’.

My World of Warcraft (www.worldofwarcraft.com) account is set to expire soon, so I dropped in recently to take some screen shots of my level 60 Undead warrior. Once I get those formatted I’ll have them up on my blog to show him off a bit. I play on an RP/PVP server, and really enjoy the content of the game, and my character, but am a bit burnt out on running 2+ hour raids right now, and need a break. I’m sure I’ll come back to the game once the expansion comes out in November (supposedly), unless I am to caught up in Everquest 2, which also has an expansion coming out in November. You can check out the content of each at their respected websites.

Ever since version 7 of iTunes was released, I’ve been experiencing lots of problems with the software. It keeps corrupting my library, causing me to add all of my albums, podcasts, album artwork back into the library, resubscribing to my podcasts, on top of having to reformat my iPod. I’ve had to do that twice, and have had my library crap out at least four times already. I have found a quick fix, by exporting my library every time I do something to change it, but that doesn’t make the situation any better. Apple really needs to get on the ball and fix these bugs ASAP.

I started my new book, Omega, and the last couple of days I’ve just gotten through the Prologue. It was a bit slow to start, but the subject matter is really intriguing, and once I get into the meat of the story (which should be soon, since the prologue just ended) I will start enjoying it much more. Unfortunately I don’t know if I’ll be doing that any time soon, since I have a book I need to read for one of my classes, that has an upcoming test that is based solely on the book, and I haven’t opened the darn thing once yet. On top of that I have two more tests next week that I really should get on the ball and study for.

In addition to Everquest I mentioned I was playing Saints Row on the 360. I am about 20% completed with the game and really enjoying what I’ve played so far. Saints Row has done many many things right that Grand Theft Auto did wrong, but they’ve also taken a step back by leaving such things as Aircraft, boats, and motorcycle/atv style game play out. Hopefully they can include these things in the inevitable sequel. I can see myself getting tired of the game though, and not being interested in playing it further, especially once I do complete it in it’s entirety. Until then I am going to keep enjoying it’s physics and game play, and blowing the crap out of stuff.

Alright, well that’s all for now I believe, I need to finish getting dressed and ready to head out to start my weekend. I’ll be back later with those screen shots from WoW, and hopefully an update from what is going on in EQ2. Peace!


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