How Sweet It Is

September 21, 2006

I’m starting to think I’ll never get anyone to read this blog, which in the end just means I can say whatever I want, without worrying about offending anyone, or anything thinking I am strange. Classes for the day are finally over, and I’ve just got one class tomorrow before I can start my weekend! Really looking forward to it, even if I am not doing anything special, I just want the chance to relax. Had a nap today with the girlfriend between classes, and it just keeps reminding me how much I love her. Falling asleep holding the one you love, and then waking up with them still in your arms is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and it’s so nice just to experience that in the middle of the day. It made my day that much better, plus the nap itself didn’t hurt.

Having dinner with my best friend and then watching some UFC and hanging out tonight, should be a good time. Hopefully I will also get some Everquest in while I am at it, maybe I’ll even remember to take a picture of Howard.

I ended up downloading the 14 day trial for Eve Online the other day, but I have yet to update it and register my account. Figured I’d wait until I had a good weekend or break to sit down and give the game a real chance. www.Eve-Online.com Eve is an outer space/space ship based MMORPG, which is made even more unique by the fact that the entire population playing the game is on one gigantic server. Recently they broke the 30,000 peek player time, which if you knew anything about MMO’s is an amazing feat. Games like WoW and EQ2 have two or three thousand people on at the MOST. I was intrigued by pictures of some of the ships for this game (such as the screen shot above) , added to the Sci-Fi kick I am currently on because of the McDevitt books I’ve been reading. I’ll eventually post about that game too, whenever I get around to giving it a shot.

I wish there was an easy way to search the community on blogger.com to see if there is anyone else out there that have a somewhat MMO based blog, but every time I try to use the search it seems to do a whole web style search and it gets me no where.

After updating my account to the beta blogger I’ve been thinking about changing the layout of my blog, or maybe creating my own, I’ve just not had a chance to sit down and do it. Maybe this weekend. Well I’ve run out of stuff to say for now, if I stick to my normal route of things, I am guessing I’ll post again tonight before I go to bed, let you know how the day has progressed. It seems like twice a day is a good pace, once I seriously start drying up on the material it may die down to just once, if that.


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